Carvalho Fisheries was a pioneer of West Coast “home style” canned Albacore tuna.  This 100% hand-packed tuna product has been produced by Carvalho Fisheries at a small Washington State cannery since 2001.  As our ABOUT US page explains, Carvalho Fisheries was the founding company, which created the Wild Planet brand of canned seafood.  Wild Planet produces identical albacore products in a 7.5 oz can at its primary US owned cannery in Vietnam; this cannery passes annual food safety and social audits that qualify it to export to not only the US, but also to the EU with even higher standards of sanitation.


In the past few years, the charges of canning in Washington have increased substantially; we have not passed along any of these cost increases.  Now, the costs of domestic canning have been increased to us by another 50%.  At this time, we are choosing to discontinue producing the original Carvalho brand tuna.  We apologize to you our longstanding customers for this change and encourage you to consider our Wild Planet 7.5 oz Albacore products, which we know to be at least equal in quality to the Carvalho products.  To place an order with Wild Planet please go to: